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About SimplyFocused

SimplyFocused is what happens when Sales and Marketing professionals start to work for financial institutions and refuse to take "We've always done it this way" as an answer.

Inspiration for SimplyFocused came from an unlikely place. Cooking dinner one evening, one of our project leads was following a recipe on his tablet when an ad for a credit card came across his screen. He clicked it out of curiosity, liked what he saw, and – in less than a minute – had been approved for a card with a $10,000 credit limit.

His first thought was “Why don’t we do it this way?”

Our goal was to create a frictionless consumer experience that leverages the power of perception. As we looked at the competition and their cumbersome loan application process, we saw an opportunity to build a system that relied on the perception of speed and ease as a differentiator.

Our team explored the financials of our parent company, came to understand the value of lead generation over applications, and designed a system to fill the sales funnel. Now we want to share our success with you.

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