SimplyFocused™ Paybreak

These custom designed forms will help credit unions digitally acquire, streamline, track and service all of your incoming loan deferment requests.

Easy Start

Service is the backbone of our industry, don’t let a single member fall through the cracks. We start tracking from here, even if the member doesn’t go any farther, their name and email is still tracked and can be used to follow-up and capture this inquiry.

Designed for Service

We collect only the necessary information from the member and give your team the details they need. No extra friction.


Lead Manager for SF Paybreak™ is a back-end, customized cloud-based solution that will help you track and monitor the inquires collected by the SF Paybreak™ form.

Request Details

See everything you need to know about the member requests coming in, what they’re looking for, and a log of everything that has happened so far.

Request Demo

Do you like what you see? Curious to learn more about how SimplyFocused works and what it can do for your financial institution?