SimplyFocused™ Lead Manager

This is where things get REALLY interesting. If you’re interested in leveraging data to help you reach your goals, you’re going to love this.

Lead Manager is a back-end, customized cloud-based solution that will help you track and monitor the leads collected by the Lead Acquisition forms.


This is your sales team’s new best tool. All your new leads will come here, ready to be turned into sales. And finding things can’t be easier with some simple filtering and sorting tools built in.

Product Management

One place to simply manage all your products and services, and designate which groups of employees are able to work what types of leads. Let your employees focus on what they’re good at.

Lead Details

See everything you need to know about the leads coming in. When, from where, what they’re looking for, and a log of everything that has happened and each change made so far.

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